3D illustration

No pencils, no paint, no paper...just pure, computer generated images!

I can hear you scribble purists yelling, "I've sold out to the pixel demons!". Err,... not quite.

I firmly believe that whatever the tool, an artist can create images to catch the eye. Sometimes it saves alot of time (and time is money!) to 'draw' with the aid of the computer.

It's not cheating, but using the power of the computer to create images which would be difficult, or otherwise tedious to create without programs like Photoshop, Blender or 3D Max.

However, to successful create images with the computer that people will believe, you do still need an artistic eye. To understand colour, light, form and texture allows me to 'draw' on the computer images that 'work'.


Some examples of my computer generated illustrations.


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Whatever drawing you're looking for

...hand drawn images, a cartoon, stylised image, watercolour painting, realistic illustration, hand lettering, computer generated 3D modelling! ...you've found it!

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