Cartoon book illustrations

Fun cartoons for the cover of some crazy cartoon books!

'Books by Boxer' publish and sell hundreds of gift books online. They needed just two more books to complete their collection, and more importantly needed a British illustrator to draw the cartoons for the covers!

Why British you ask?... well, they had been using an American cartoon company (boooo) but, for various reasons were not able to satisfy the brief this time. So, nice chap (Jamie) at Boxer contacted me. 

The books contain a wealth of cartoons, quotes and generally funny stuff to amuse and entertain the masses.

One is called 'Survive in the Office with a Sense of Humour'. The other is 'Sorry, a Wonderful Book of Outrageous Excuses!'. Crazy books for someone close to your heart.

Anyway, after a few emails and money crossing palms, they had 8 cartoons drawn, plus the completed book cover artwork, including titles, ready to send to print! Happy client.

Why not check them out online at the website.

check them out at the Boxer website


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