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"Willamina Mermaid and the Quest for the Crystal of Light"

An exciting new children's adventure book about a girl who is a mermaid. It has everything... goodies and baddies, falling in love, evil aunts, magic and monsters! Written by a very charming lady called, Judy Kelly.

Although a fantasy story, Judy wanted a modern styled image rather than an ‘airy fairy’ one! It was a book that would ideally appeal to girls aged 10 to 12.

cover-draft-01I initially set about a few rough sketches and sent to Judy a couple of options. Judy felt that the character was too young and a bit too cartoonish (image left). So, I made Willamina look older and smartened up the style. A second draft was sent, with again a couple of character options.

We both agreed on the final design and I set to work drawing the finished cover illustration. Most of the drawing was done directly on the computer in photoshop with a wacom pen and tablet. Because it was on the computer it was easy for me to offer Judy a number of colour options for the background. The final stage included me designing the title lettering. I think Judy was very pleased with the end result!


Thanks a million Dave. Looks really good.
Judy Kelly
Judy Kelly


"This is the story of Princess Willamina, daughter of Marri-Anna a mermaid of the royal Veron dynasty who ruled the underwater kingdom of Veronta.  She had, fallen in love with Robbie, a sailor and gone to the Witch of Darkness for a magic black pearl to transform her to human form, in exchange for access to the great crystal of light, given to the Verons by Neptune hundreds of years ago.  But once the Princess leaves, the Witch invades Veronta, shrinks the crystal and sends it to a hidden location, guarded by a monster, thus plunging the kingdom into perpetual darkness..."

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