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Humourus cartoons for a serious subject!

The Busy Person's Guide to Bristish History is an entertaining guide revealing many forgotten moments of history that made Britain what it is today.

Beautifully written by a chap called Jem Duduca. I was asked to design an image for the front cover and all of the 17 chapter headings.

Jem suggested the scenes to illustrate and I just scribbled away!

I think the author says it best (as a good writter should)...

The artwork was the last piece of the puzzle, so as soon as I got that, I was good to go! I maybe biased but, I agree it looks great and you really have brought everything to life.
Jem Duduca
Jem Duduca

Go check it out as the book is flying off the shelves at an Amazon.com near you!

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Some of the illustrations used inside the book.

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