Illustrations for a Motivational Book

Drawings designed to illustrate complex ideas in a life changing book

'Change Inspiration' written by Damian Hughes, demanded some simple illustrations to breath visual life into his amazing insight.

Damian Hughes is an international speaker, best-selling author and sports psychology consultant who takes the insights, methods and lessons by business, sports and history's greatest achievers and shares them through his speaking, training and books to help others enjoy similar success.

I was asked by Damian to provide for his book around 60 illustrations. And that was it!... I read the draft myself and decided which bits where good to illustrate. I provided Damian with a quick pen and ink style and then used simple colour to distinguish each chapter. The finished result is very successful.

The illustrations probably work best when you read the full text... so, best check out Damian's book, 'Change Inspiration' and read it yourself!

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Some of the illustrations used inside the book.


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