Memoirs Book Illustrations


Illustrations for a memoirs book written by Midge Todhunter

Author Midge Todhunter contacted me to ask if I could provide him with some bespoke illustrations for his forthcoming memoirs book.

They were to be in black and white, with a timeless whimsical nature.

I sketched out a few rough alternative designs, which Midget chose from and approved. Then, completed the finished illustrations in Photoshop, to provide hi-resolution images for his book. Midge has since published the book as a paperback, which can be purchased directly from Midge's website.


IVEGILL - A Social History of Rural England

Order your copy now from Midge Todhunter's website...



The finished illustrations...


Midge's partner was key to the progress.

"My partner has just burst out laughing when she saw the 'running pigs' drawing, so our consensus is - we love your work. Please proceed with the first illustration"

Here are more examples of the book illustrations 'what' I have done.

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