Super Hero Book Illustrations

Four Super-Hero Teachers save the day!

I was commissioned by a book publishers to draw 'action hero comic book' style illustrations for a book designed to aid teachers in the persuit of excellence in teaching.

Initially they required a super-hero character who would appear throughout the book. However, good old 'PC' (politically correct) raised it's head and we now required four super-heroes!

Two men and two women, of differing ethnic backgrounds. No problem. It's now the 'super team'!

The publishers gave me a list of the text to illustrate and I supplied them with rough pencil sketches for the authors to approve.

Once approved I drew the finished illustrations directly on the computers using my stylus pen and brushes tool in photoshop. Adding tint, light and shade again in photoshop to deliver the finished illustrations on time and within budget.


These are the illustrations...


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