3D Conservatory Illustration


...all this from a 2 dimensional architect's drawing!

Plus a few photos and the use of Googley images of course.

3d-conservatory-draftThis is an amazing building in Germany, called the 'Schloss Lieser'.

The architects, with offices throughout Europe, wanted to create, in their words, "a WOW picture" to leave with the client, to presumably drool over. So, that was my brief.

They sent me a couple of 2 dimensional plans and several photos taken on the building site. I found more images online and began to draw the building on paper with a good old pencil 'n' ruler.


This is the initial sketch to get approval on the basic content and view point.

3d-conservatory-wallFrom there, I started to draw in the detail in Photoshop. Adding colour, tone and texture. I even painted with watercolour on paper a texture for the walls which I scanned in and manipulated on the computer.


3d-conservatory-detailI tried to add atmosphere with the use of light and shadow, creating a living space by drawing stylised images of people.






3d-conservatory-detail2Because the original building was old and had character I kept the sketchy line work to contrast against the clean sharp lines of the new conservatory building.

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