Artist's impression of commercial property

London retail park development was in need of artist's impressions to get it on the market.

I was asked by the owner of a retail park on the London North Circular Road if I could provide images of soon to be refurbished and brand new commercial buildings for him to be able to market them for rental.

He sent me plenty of photos of the existing building and floor plans for the new buildings, together with a brief on the materials and colouring.

I supplied him with my rough drawings so that he could be happy with the basic content and angle of the views. Which he was.



So next, I began to create the images in photoshop.

For a commercial retail unit with business viewing I think a slick, photo realistic style works best. It is more dramatic and visually perfect. Businesses demand perfection!

Which is what I delivered, each image within a two week timescale.


"Great Dave noted, I enjoy working with you,  thanks for the information, I await the finished article."
Stephen, happy

A few days later, I sent the first finished drawing over followed by the second property rough design...

"Hi Dave very impressive going to check a couple of things out with the Architect today and get back to you later today or tomorrow. Just paid your invoice for the first job, in your account today."
Stephen, (me happy)

I have to say Stephen is the best client I have had. He was clear with his brief, clear with any amends, appreciated my work and paid the invoice within 24 hours! Perfect.

And finally the ultimate endorsement...

"Hi David great job many thanks I have already sent them to the agents and all concerned for marketing the unit, I am very pleased with the impression. Many thanks Stephen"
Stephen, agents happy now too

Job done!

To see more artist's impressions of building that I have done, please do contact me.

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