Artist's Impressions of Buildings

Drawn from architects plans, photographs, or a 'idea' in the head of the builder... a hand drawn image is quick, slick and can show the building in the most favourable way. Hence, 'an artistic impression'.

I generally work in line and wash, the standard style, though I do retouch on the computer to make textures or tones more accurate.

I used to work with markers, but now the computer is just as good for the same effect.

Property developers often want to see not only the outside view, but what the inside, of say a wine bar, or restaurant, will look like. A hand painting visual gives them and the investors a really good idea of what it will look like once finished. Something which artitect's plan drawings can never do.

Read about a 3D Conservatory Illustration that I did for an international glass buildings company.


Some examples of my artist's impressions of buildings.


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