Artist's impression of a modern barn conversion


It's a barn Jim, but not as we know it!

A property company who needed an artist's impression of the barn conversion. However, this was not your traditional barn conversion, but a modern green clad  construction with an open plan aspect!

The deadline was tight too!... "meeting with the estate agent to go over catalogue layout on Friday next week. If you could have it by them that would be fantastic."

So, working from the architect's plans and some very poor photos of the site, I set to!

First I visualised the view from high in the sky, looking down to give a sense of size and space.



"Brilliant! You said last night that you would add colour. Mike and I both think we would prefer pen and ink. Its a green barn in a green field with green trees, it might be too much green?"
Claire, happy

I reassured her that all would be fine... and a few days later, when I sent the final drawing over...

"Hi Dave, Sadly I don't feel I know you well enough to wind you up. I wanted to say it was terrible, hopeless and not at all what I was looking for, so forget the whole thing! But I can't.

It is exactly what we had visualised and has exceeded our expectations. Thank you."

Claire, the joker

Nice to know there are still real people out there who love to have a laugh while earning a living!

And finally the ultimate endorsement...

"The money is in your account. I will definately
keep your number for future projects and recommend you to anyone I can."
Claire, the champion

Job done!

To see more artist's impressions of building that I have done do contact me.

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