Church Sketch from photograph

...for the cover of a wedding service booklet

So, here was my 'brief' sent on an email from viewing this very website...

"I'm sure you are super busy but, on the off chance you may be able to help, I think you're the person I need!

It's only a small job - I'm getting married in two weeks and was planning on having a sketch of our Church on the cover of the ceremony booklet.

church-dublin-photoHowever, I have overestimated my artistic abilities and can't quite get it right! The sketch would be scanned onto the cover page and then printed (about 100 copies). All the printing will be (hopefully!) be done by the end of next week. I've attached the picture to this email. (left)"

And so, I set to work. A couple of days later they had my 'sketch' of the church building to add to the booklet cover and print out for themselves. Shown here is the result (right)...

I even added the date of their wedding on the sketch plus my signature of course!.. then, at their request, posted on the original paper drawing for them to keep as a new family heirloom!

A second sketch is requested!

A few months later Kate C came back to me with a second request... to draw another church for her friend's wedding.

Photo supplied to me, sketch drawn and sent via email for inclusion on the cover of the Wedding Service booklet.

...and happy client for a second time!


Yes that is perfect, thank you!
Kate C
Kate C
bride (to be)


All gratefully received and bride and groom are delighted with it.
Kate C
Kate C

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