Special Birthday gift!

A hand drawn comic book adventure!

I honestly thought I was the last of the die hard romantics, but I was wrong...

chrisChris sent me an email asking if I could draw him an adventure cartoon for the love of his life. Her birthday was coming up and Chris wanted "something special and memorable" to give to her.

So, a Marvel style comic book strip cartoon of their memorable moments entitled, "The Adventures of Titty and Rara!" was born!

Chris sent me a list of days/events that they had enjoyed over the past year and I set about drawing an adventure comic book style magazine page for them to keep.

I first drew a rough draft for Chris to approve the contents. Then I drew the final artwork the old fashioned way, pen on paper; scanned it into the computer and added the colour and tone in photoshop. Once Chris was 100% happy with it (the balloon was the wrong colour!) I printed out a high quality colour print slightly larger than A3. A frame, wrapping, a bow and the special birthday was complete!

There is nothing better to give to someone special in your life, than a thoughtful, bespoke work of art.

Just a quick update, she loved it! She was pretty much speechless, and it's had loads of people view it and say how brilliant it is, so once again, thanks ever so much!
Chris G
Chris G
an old romantic

Thanks Titty... or is it Rara!

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