Character design for marketing


A cute little chap dropped in, can be the perfect image for a product, or service

That was the idea for this chappie! He was to be the icon for marketing an online data storage service. They wanted a 'friendly', 'trust worthy' and 'approachable' character to present the service. Don't we all!

dragon-with-ipadThe service was called 'dragnstore'. Hence a dragon! Personally I prefered 'dragndrop'.

Anyway...'drag' started life, as all my characters do, in the sketch book with a pencil and a rubber. Trying out various ideas to arrive at the concept, to work up in more detail.

These scribbles I then scan in to the computer so that I can draw and colour up in photoshop. This provides for the final image to be formated for use in all required media, whether on screen or in print.

The client wished to use 'him' in various situations and in different poses, so I drew the character doing different things.

I even added various 'props' to see if we could improve the friendliness or trust worthiness!

dragon-iconIn the end the folder, that 'drag' was holding, magically transformed into an Ipad, and everyone was happy!

And last, but not least, the obligatory computer icon button was wanted. So I did that too!



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