Crib sheets for a solicitor

How to make a complex subject easy to understand?...

Well, a Leeds based solicitor wanted to do just that. They had the idea to provide their clients with 'crib' sheets which were illustrated with cartoon style images that made it easy to understand the rather complex information.

Complex services such as those offered by a solicitor can sometimes be difficult for the average person to understand. Which is why Kaiser Solicitors approached me with the idea for me to design and illustrate a number 'crib' sheets explaining the service they offer.

Kaiser provided me with a bullet point list of the text to be included and I in turn provided a sequence of images which illustrated the text. Resulting in a story board which is so much easier to read and simplifies the understanding of the legal processes involved.

I included a keen element of humour to the crib sheets, so that the viewing of the sheets was an enjoyable experience... and thus memorable.


Here are some of the other crib sheets which I designed and illustrated...


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