Wedding Couple Disney Characters

A bespoke wedding invitation, with the 'bride-and-groom-to-be' depicted as romantic fictional characters, can be a fun way to celebrate the day.

This is exactly what a bride-to-be wanted for their wedding...
who was I to refuse.

The lovely lady, Joyti, said she wanted to be drawn as the 'Beauty and the Beast' characters from the Disney cartoon version.

So, that is what I did.

wedding-image-rough2Working from photos and references supplied by Joyti, of herself, her future husband and the characters they wanted to portray, I sketched a rough drawing (left) and emailed it to Joyti.

She made some minor changes, which I amended and then drew the finished illustration.

Joyti made a couple of final tweaks, before, I believe the expression is,... 'I smashed it!'

Supplying to her a high resolution image for use on the Wedding Invitation and other on-the-big-day displays.

As you can see the happy couple were very happy... well, the bride was. Presume the groom was happy because his future wife was happy!

Thanks Joyti, loved drawing this for you two. Have a great day... and all the best to you both for a long and happy marriage.




"Amazing thank you so much. Only one thing ... Just could my hair line be slightly lower. Might be easier to just add a few strands/fringe so covers the forehead slightly?
Hope this is okay. Besides that it’s perfect
Thank you!"
Joyti, the 'tweaker' bride

Minor tweaks are required. No problem.

"Hey this is amazing.
Thank you so much! :) I will send the payment across! Thank you again!"
Joyti, the 'tweaker' bride

I think this is where I smashed it... nailed it... and back O' the net!

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