Acting the part of a police sketch artist for a movie


Just spent a great time on the film set of a new movie. I was hired to draw as an actor in front of the lights and cameras for the forthcoming blockbuster called, The Hunter's Prayer.

They needed a person who could actually draw to play the part of a Swiss Police sketch artist. My innate drawing ability and a fussy beard was all it took to get the part!

So, I arrived on set at 7.30am in the film studios in Hollywood/Leeds to be greeted by my champion of film extras, Mohsan Qureshi from the CBC Casting agency. He remembered me from my efforts in 'Death Comes to Pemberley'.

After a quick wardrobe followed by makeup, where I lost most of my beard, I was bused up to the film set in the Grand Hall at Leeds University.

A few days before the filming I was asked to draw the main 'suspect', actor Sam Worthington who plays the character Lucas. Shown here is the finished result. It's a soft pencil sketch in the style of a police identity picture. However, the designer, Tomas Voth, was keen for it to really look like Sam. Which is never the case for most police identity sketches.

sam-sketch-lighterAnyway, they were happy to use my drawing. On the day they had printed out some light versions (inset left) for me to scribble on during the filming.

I sat on set for most of the morning, as 'background', whilst the main actors did their acting. I had to 'act' by looking up and glancing at the pretty lady actress as she said her lines. I also glanced interestingly at the police officer as he said his lines. In French! All good fun.

As time went on, the filming got closer to me and eventually they were filming over my shoulder, just me drawing! Brilliant!!!

So, hopefully I will be included in the final cut of the movie…but, in this business, you never know. That's showbiz!

Movie trailer now out!

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