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One of my fellow Supporting Actors!

An amazing experience with the BBC!

I was offered the role of court room artist in the BBC period drama 'Death Comes to Pemberley'.

bbc-artistBasically they wanted an artist who could draw and sketch live, plus look good in a silly wig and costume! So, after several sample sketches presented to them, I was given the job of drawing on set along side the main actors and actresses.

Up at 5am, into full custume and make-up by 6am and on set at 8am! Ahead lay 12 hours of waiting, eating, sleeping, talking, being very quiet... oh, and performing... ACTION!!!

While others just sat and looked the part, I had to constantly draw and sketch the actors as they performed in the dock or sat in the courtroom scene. Got through several period pencils and wades of period paper!

Filming was in the old magistrates court in Beverley, East Riding.

meHere are some of the samples I drew. All the sketches on the day I had to leave with the production team and the BBC.

The only down side was having to shave my beard and mostach, as the 1800s is the only period in history where beards were not in vogue!!!

Some of the sketches I did for the BBC

Me on set...


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