Film and TV set graphics

Paintings and drawings for use by Film and TV production companies.

Not only have I appeared in front of the camera on Film and TV, but so have my drawings, illustrations and paintings. As set props or backdrops to movies.


Film and TV productions often require set and prop graphics in a particular style or period. Whether it be Victorian, World War 2 or 1950’s style, I have supplied graphic illustrations for use on set and as props for production companies in the UK and abroad.

Projects have involved large wall graphic that are on a set for an interior for a fantasy period drama.

Others include period posters that are on set for period dramas, or as promotional graphics for TV shows.

Also, photo retouching to provide images used on set, or on camera.

In the film industry the pace is fast. Often I would get a call to provide a graphic for the next days shoot. That’s show business!

Here are a few examples of some TV and Film set graphics I’ve produced.



Some examples of my Film and TV set illustrations.


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