Hand lettering and calligraphy

Using ye olde pen and gallons of ink I have scribed many a thing!

Hand calligraphy, with old fashioned pen and ink, can produce a uniquely 'organic' letter form. Something the computer will find hard to do.

I have hand lettered books, maps, invitation cards, together with producing letter forms for printing in advertisements, brochures and exhibitions.

This example to my right, was commissioned for a famous fountain pen manufacturer. The lettering I did was not in fact with one of their pens, but from my trusty dip pen and a bottle of Indian ink!

Coloured inks make for an infinite variety of letter designs and textures. And, as I said, 'organic' letter forms that computers simply don't get!


Some examples of my hand lettering.

Hand lettering in Books of Remembrance

I have been appointed the official calligraphy artist for the UK's leading commemorative artwork company, working for a number of Crematoriums in the North of England.

This involves me visiting the crematorium with my pens and inks, to hand letter on the premises the entries in their rather large and valuable Books of Remembrance.

Not only the calligraphy but, if the family wishes it, they can have an small watercolour illustrative emblem painting next to their entry.

Anything can be asked for, from a bunch of roses to a coat of arms, or a football club badge to the portrait of the deceased!

It's a genuine privilege for me to be able to offer my skills to comfort people in such an inspiring way.



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