Figure drawing and portraits with style

Sometimes all you really need is a drawing of a figure that looks... well, simply like a person

I love drawing and sketching the figure, whether it be a real person, imaginary, or even an historical character.

From a simple charcoal pencil sketch of the face, to a more detailed coloured watercolour painting of the figure, I try my best to master them all.

I do like to draw in the style of a particular period. For example a Victorian, or Edwardian sketch, to more stylised 1930s or even World War era figures.

For the BBC drama 'Death Comes to Pemberly' I was asked to draw in the late 18th Century style.

Then of course, right up to modern day and the slick graphic style which the advertising industry loves. Fashion drawings to icon figures for the web sites. I draw them all. Retouching on the computer in Photoshop if necessary, to perfect the colouring, tone or add texture to the drawing.

So, whatever drawing of the human form you need, I'm sure I will... figure it out! (groan)


Some examples of my figure drawings... traditional and contemporary.


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Whatever drawing you're looking for

...hand drawn images, a cartoon, stylised image, watercolour painting, realistic illustration, hand lettering, computer generated 3D modelling!'ve found it!

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