Portraits sketches of authors for a book

Nnnnnn...nineteen portraits!... in a 14 days

Realistic portraits drawn in good old pencil n paper for a book publisher...

...what better way to unite a band of 19 acedemic authors, who had all gone off and taken various degrees of photographic representation of themselves. You see, none of them were consistant in quality, composition or style.

So, I was asked to draw, from their photos supplied, a simple pencil sketch of each mug, which would give them all a common style, size and quality.

Each drawing to be used on the cover page for each of the authors' contributions to a common book.

Within 18 days, my work was complete. Hires scans sent via dropbox for the publishers to drop on the pages of the book.

Feedback was from the publishers was as always grateful, diplomatic and humourus...

"The illustrations have been generally very well received, the couple of less positive responses are I’d say more the subject being deluded about how they look rather than anything amiss with the illustration!"


I think a couple of the authors thought they should look a few years younger.



And in the second edition, that I've just completed, I did have to rub out a few wrinkles and lighten a frown or two!

The camera never lies, but my pencil can tell a few porkies.

I sketched the faces with an old fashioned pencil (HB4) on to smooth cartridge paper.

(No computers were harmed in the making of these images!) 

So, if you have a poor, or not so poor photography and you want a traditional pencil sketch representation, then please do... contact me.


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