Super hero drawings for a charity supporting people with a learning disability

Journey Enterprises -  a charity supporting people with a learning disability in the North East.

Journey Enterprises contacted me as they were keen to find an illustrator who could provide besoke 'super hero' style images of their clients. They had searched for clip art super heros, but just got the Americanised, polished images which did not relate to the people that Journey Enterprises caters for.

As always, I did some initial roughs to get the designs across.



I sketched out the roughs so that Maggie, the operations manager, could see the designs before I committed to the finished illustration.

In all I've now done over 20 illustrations for the Journey Enterprise promotional campaign.


"Hi Dave, You images are amazing ,one of the staff is superb as is all them.  One of the staff said ‘ its like a picture of sunshine ,its bright and full of energy’"


So good to hear such positive feedback.


"I love where you are going with this, the images are warm and positive."


"We have been bowled over by your last art work. They are so important to our launch of the new website and that is reflected in the thought and quality you have put into each one."


They are all a lovely and inspiring bunch of people!


You can see all of my illustrations on their spanking brand new new website...


To see more bespoke stuff just contact me.

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