A three-dimensional looking location map

... drawn by my hand, not by the computer!

When this client wanted a 3D map drawing, they initially turned to a computer map drawing programme (not with me).

However, the results were to say the least, bland and confusing. All the buildings where rendered to the same degree. There was too much information for the viewer to see the location at a glance. And it would have cost a fortune!

After a quick google, they found me... and explained that they wanted the map to show just how simple their building was to find next to the other ones. A simplified 3D map was required. A bird's eye view... well, a bird that was coming in to land!

After looking at google maps I sketched out the map by hand, which allowed me to focus on their building and the other prominent ones. I was able to easily alter scale of building, and be vague with others less important ones.

After agreement from the client on the rough, I drew the finished map in pen and ink on paper, scanned it in and then coloured it up using Photoshop.

Another happy client!...


Looks very good indeed!

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