3D maps for a holiday resort in Spain

...follow the directions...and let's party!!!!

Just when I thought my clubbing days where over I get a call from one of the trendiest holiday club resorts this side of paradise.

The exclusive Ocean Club in Marbella. It has one of the most seductive pool party venues on the south coast of Spain. A sunbed by the pool for the day will set you back the best part of a week's holiday in Whitby!

So, in on a cold grey day in a Costa bar in Leeds, I met up with their nicely tanned Socialite PR Representative to discus the need for a map. Not just any map… a 3D style map that will excite and inform every rich young dude who parties in the sun in Marbella.

Even though these crazy kids have been up till the early hours of the morning they still need to be able to find the right sunbed, or the Champagne Cruise boat before it sails.

I knew instantly the sort of stylish map that will sit happily in the glove compartment of every Lamborgini, Ferrari and Porsche that travels to the port of Port Bauna.

So, I began with a rough sketch to get the aerial perspective right, working from Google maps and Bing maps. Then I added all the beds and tables that the client informed me of. rough

Over the next couple of weeks frantic emailing with roughs designs and finally the finished drawing!...


"Yeah that angle is perfect! Little tweaks needed and we'll be good to go"

"That looks fantastic. Just a few minor details we spotted…"

"Ok we're happy with 99% of it…."

And finally, half a dozen amends, refinements and additions later and we have the perfect map!

"Great, that's perfect!!"

I just love the passion that these Spanish have (actually the guy was from Portugal)… great people to work with. And another very satisfied client!!!!

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