Illustrated maps

Whether as a location map of your premises, or a illustrated map showing features of a local area, hand drawing is the best solution.

An accurate location map showing key features can only be done by drawing, either on paper or on computer. With a bespoke map you can highligh key features and landmarks. Whatever style you favour; from a very techincal diagramic map, to stylised, or cartoon styled map.

I've also provided many maps for illustrating tourist articles for countryside magazines. Not really for accuracy, or communicating a location, more as a picture of the surrounding district and locations. Highly decorative with calligraphic lettering, making what would be a very bland map come alive!


I hope you like the examples of maps shown here...


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Whatever drawing you're looking for

...hand drawn images, a cartoon, stylised image, watercolour painting, realistic illustration, hand lettering, computer generated 3D modelling!'ve found it!

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