Steam Punk Fox - Gin Label


Yorkshire based Harrison Distillery commissioned me to illustrate a 'steam punk style fox' for their new Crafty Fox Gin labels.

Well... who was I not to let a bottle of gin inspire me. I asked for a sample bottle.

Before they had found me, the company's graphic designer had commissioned another illustrator to complete the task. However, hundreds of pennies and many weeks later, they had not delivered a satisfactory illustration. Thus, I was approached.

Within a couple of emails I was on board to deliver an illustration for their new Gin labels for Crafty Fox Gin. And.... I did.

Working mainly in Photoshop, I initially produced a small sample of the style, so that the client could see the finished rendering. I had done some 'steam punk' style illustrations with Mr D's Pie Machine, so I had plently of rivet and bolts references.

They approved the sample illustration. I worked on and within a week had finished the illustration to my satisfaction. The client, Harrison Distillery, was also very satisfied. Paid me with in the week, which is nice. 

The sample bottle will be on it's way once the labels have been printed.



Ok, so they have now been printed and I've been doing their PR photography for website and promotions.

The website is now live... yes, I designed and built that too. "Is there no end to your talents", I hear you cry!


Please do check it out...



Initial sample style illustration supplied.

"This looks fantastic!"
Crafty Fox


Final illustration supplied.

"Very pleased with this!"
Crafty Fox


Invoice supplied.

"All paid, I'd like to chat with you when you're next free in regards to future projects!"
Crafty Fox


... leave 'em wanting more!



"You never fail to amaze! The website looks fantastic! And the photos!"
Crafty Fox



To see more, please do contact me... always open to new a project that involves a 'wee' tipple.


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