Jam-jar label and logo design

...for a lady who got herself into a bit of a pickle!

I got an email from Rachel, who had a pile of delicious home made jams, chutneys and pickles to sell before Christmas, but no label to put on the jars. And worse, she was on a tight budget!!! (makes a change)

Rachel had a name, 'The Jam Horse Ltd'. But, no logo. Though she did have an idea of what she wanted for the logo...

"I'd like a horse sitting on a pile of fruit."

jam-horse-logo-sketchSeemed a good enough idea so, I set to work. Doing a quick pencil sketch for Rachel to approve. I guess I was 'jammy' and 'nailed it' first time!


"The sketch is absolutely fantastic and exactly what I had in mind! Thank you so much!"
Rachel, happy

I then went on to draw the logo with typography and provide for Rachel a finished vector version. This could be used on all her stationery and business cards (which I also designed), along with the labels that I was about to design.

"Thank you! I nearly cried when I saw him as he's so exactly what I wanted. I've spent over two weeks going back and forth with a logo designer and been disappointed every time. I'm so glad I came to you!"
Rachel, happier!




With that 'pat on the back' I went on to design over 30 jar and bottle labels, together with a Christmas flyer and the ecommerce website... www.thejamhorse.co.uk

And all before the Christmas deadline!

"You are truly amazing and have transformed my business. I will be eternally grateful!!"
Rachel, satisfied


And now I've designed The Jam Horse new premises signage and vehicle livery.



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