Magazine illustrations for humorous stories

They do say 'a picture paints a thousand words'...

...well, some of my pictures now accompany a thousand words! Currently appearing monthly in both the 'Cumbria' and the 'Dalesman' magazines.

So, that's 2000 words fitting easily into one double page spread, in two of the UK's award winning magazines.

It's a regular monthly commission to draw whimsical cartoons to illustrate humourus stories in both the of these magazines.

If you've never read either, you now have a very good reason to get hold of one. They are packed full of interesting stuff about the region and now have an original Dave Bull cartoon for you to cut out and keep!


"Wow, fantastic! Love it!"

Ed - Dalesman

Dalesman Magazine


"Bloomin’ marvellous, many thanks."

Ed - Cumbria

Cumbria Magazine


Visit their websites to find out more about the publications and subscribe. Or, simply run down to your nearest paper shop (if they still exist) and steal one!

Joking... you can walk down if you prefer.




Here are a few of my magazine 'scribbles'... 





If you have a magazine article you want illustrating, whatever the style, then please do contact me.

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