Mr D's Magnificent Pie Machine

Steampunk meets a 'World Class' Yorkshire Pie!!!



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I designed this fab logo too!



Award winning Yorkshire pieman 'Mr D' has a vision... a vision to create a 'magnificent pie machine'! Not unlike something Wallace 'n' Gromit would be proud of.

So, he searches the internet for a 'skilled artist who can paint a pie machine' and for some reason my site comes up. He calls me up and explains his idea to paint the outside panels of a bespoke mobile catering unit to looks like it is an old fashioned mad inventor's pie machine.

He wanted it to look like you can see machinery, levers, cogs and stuff going on inside. "I want to fool the eye with amazing 3 dimensional images!"...I said, it's called "trompe l'oeil".

It soon became clear to me that this project needed more than just fancy graphics for people to really 'believe' in the Pie Machine.

My first meeting with Mr D was to show him 'my' vision of the machine...


What we needed was not just my amazing graphics, but the real workings of a pretend pie machine, not unlike Rowland Emett's magnificent machines of the 1960's.

I explained the theme of the machine was akin to a style called 'Steampunk'. For those that don't know, it's a sort of Victiorian science fiction! Mr D loved the idea and really hooked into the steampunk style.

We both set to work. Mr D bought stuff on ebay and engineered a whole host of real working items to actually build his pie machine. Dials, whistles, pipes, bellows, wheels and even a pair of cows horns all added, to what is a rich and eye catching invention.


Together we designed the layout. I drew on computer the graphics to give a complete outer skin of panels, which were output on to PVC for Mr D to fix to the outer walls. Carefully allowing for real objects to be positioned with the drawn graphics.

On the 18th September 2016 Mr D's Magnificent Pie Machine was launched at the Trinty Centre in Leeds.

He is currently touring the world supplying World Class pies to people who love pies!... one day he hopes to be landing at Glastonbury!!!!


"I believe you have done a fantastic job which has created the interest we set out to do! It's very much admired by all that see it!

Trinity Centre in Leeds are delighted with it and keep telling us... "it's the best unit they have had in".

Your bill represents excellent value and people's perception is, "this must have cost a fortune"!"

Mr D


Check out where Mr D is appearing next by visiting his website >

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