Retouching and improving old photographs make them look as perfect as they can be!

My favourite picture framer, Frame-Able near York, contacted me about a client who wanted some old photos framing.

Why contact me?... I hear you all cry. Well, the photos were not in very good condition and in some cases only an inch square - that's a couple of centimeters in old money.

Basically, they all needed some intense TLC to bring them back to their original condition... and in most cases, better.

So, I set to work, scanning the old photos into the computer and weaving the magic of Photoshop to improve the contrast, the colour balances and sharpen the detail. A number of them had very severe creases and missing parts of the print, which I was able to successfully make disappear, or appear!

Once the retouching work was complete, I was then able to supply high quality Giclée prints, enlarged to a more sensible picture size.

The client was very happy and so too was my framer, who was then 'able' to 'frame' (Frame-Able) some rather lovely old photographs.

Another successful job done!

These are the befores...

Hover your curser over each photo to see the how much I improved the photograph.




Thanks so much for the images of before and after. I think they look 
fantastic. Top class service.  Thanks again.

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