Rock N Roll Baby!!!

...or should I say, "Rock N Load"!

Anyway, the guys and gals at a Webzine called 'Rock N Load' needed a brand new corporate 'uniform'.

t-shirt-designSo, this year's outfit is a sexy black t-shirt with my amazing 'skull with top hat, guitar n guns' emblem printed on the front.

The concept was the brainchild of Shayne, the owner of the website, who knew exactly what he wanted in the design. A human skull wearing a top hat. Guns, bullets and a rather funky looking guitar.

So, after an initial sketch of his design, which the client approved, I drew the final artwork in my fav computer drawing prog... Photoshop. I added textures and screen effects to give it that 'black 'n' white, grunge, lino-cut print style.

I emailed the file to Shayne and he sorted out the printing of the t-shirts. I've asked for a medium! 

Wow Dave! Absolutely brilliant mate. Its exactly how I envisaged it in my head. You have made my month already with the design!!
Webzine owner

I guess the guys liked the finished design for their new t-shirts. Well, I've seen it on their fabulous webzine site...check it out

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