Illustration workshops in schools

It's back to school!... but teaching this time.

A local academy school wanted an illustrator of comic book adventure cartoons to visit their school and give a presentation of work, followed by a workshop class for budding young illustrators.

Hence, I found myself standing in front of around a dozen... 'go on then Picaso, show us what you've got!'... angelic faces!

I was going to rabbit on about what I said about my considerable talent as an illustrator and the amazing workshop that I lead with pure energy, flare and captivating excitment,... but to be honest, to understand my positive impact on them you're best just reading the following comments from the students and teacher... they were amazing too!


The Stan Lee Book Awards Book Club were visited by Dave Bull, an amazing local illustrator, artist and cartoonist. Students learnt about the layered approach, to comic book production. 

Covering the importance of characterisation, composition, colour and contrast in comic book design.

Students created their own superheroes & villains and started to develop their own storyboards in this engaging and creative process with Dave's support.

It really made our students think about the amount of thought and work that goes into producing the comics they had being reading & reviewing through the Stan Lee Book Awards this year.

Monica - LRC Co-ordinator


It was a really great afternoon because Dave's advice was brilliant and I liked his comic book illustrations

Elliott - student

Dave was a brilliant Teacher!

Sam - student

An amazing experience and Dave was extremely helpful.

Nat - student

I've since visited a second school and delivered another presentation, followed by a workshop. Again to very positive feedback...


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing illustration workshops today! All of the students got a huge amount out of the session. Some of the students from the second group came in at lunch time to continue drawing and develop their ideas. I think it was truly inspiring for them to meet someone who makes a living from doing the thing they are passionate about.

The workshops were pitched perfectly and differentiated to suit each group, which was exactly what we were looking for.

We loved having you here and hopefully we'll get the opportunity to work with you again in the near future.

Emily - Learning Resource Leader


What can I say?... I guess I delivered.

So, to invite me to teach in your school, academy, college, kindergarten or university!... do contact me.


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