Hand drawn visuals

Visualising with quick sketches a storyboard for video, or for photography

I began my career (whatever that is) working as a visualiser in an advertising agency. Scribbling in layout pads, with Magic Markers, the creative ideas of others. And today I can still do it!

I know with google and photoshop you could mock up what it's going to look like. But, hand drawn visuals allow you to be far more creative and show an impression of what you want, rather than being over specific.

A simple storyboard can be mocked up quickly and be more effective. Rather than using library images that you need to edit heavily, or explain how it will look.

I draw the scene by hand using references, or just simply 'making it up'!... then scan it in to the computer and add colour and lighting effects using Photoshop. Quick, easy and effective.

download the PDF of a Marks and Spencers storyboard

Some examples of my visualising skills.


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Whatever drawing you're looking for

...hand drawn images, a cartoon, stylised image, watercolour painting, realistic illustration, hand lettering, computer generated 3D modelling! ...you've found it!

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