What is art anyway?

I kicked up quite a storm on a youtube comment the other week.

Quite by chance, I found this guy showing you how to paint a picture. A tutorial, if you like. Won't mention his name cos that will help to promote him.

Not too bad, I thought, but when I read the comments I was horrified!

People actually believed he was a 'genius', a 'master', 'one of our most tallented artists alive', 'awesome'... plus all the usual 'Americanised' comments from our cousins across the pond.

Come on! He was just a skillful technician who could paint in a slick way. No really guidance about art and the nature of developing your artistic ability. Just slap paint on and move it around til it looks like something...usually a dark grubby landscape.]

The best part came when he did another tutorial by painting a picture already mounted in a canvas! I ask you, how many real artists of merrit would begin a picture by putting a blank canvas in a gold frame? It's entertainment, not tuition.

I just don't like people being fooled. He was charging $19.99 per month on his ecommerce website to train people into being 'artists'. How many artists would have the business mind to fleece people like that!

Anyway, by my negative comments I seem to have upset alot of people. A couple did support me though.

Check em out...

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Whatever drawing you're looking for

...hand drawn images, a cartoon, stylised image, watercolour painting, realistic illustration, hand lettering, computer generated 3D modelling! ...you've found it!

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